Entering China During Covid-19

If you are stranded outside of China and unable to get back in, you are not alone. There are tens of thousands stranded outside of China, like you, and are trying to return. This page is to share latest developments for those of you who are trying to get back into China. 

A gigantic shout out to the creators and admins of SHA Arrivals and Quarantine Group Chats, as well as group chat admins of various expats stranded in different countries. They have all been graciously sharing information on anything related to returning to China during the Covid-19 pandemic, quarantine procedure, etc. 

I will share below any information that they have shared, that I come across or anything you share with me via shanghaiexitentry at gmail. (Note: I will not respond to emails with questions that can be asked on the Q&A forum.)

News / Experiences getting a PU

We’d appreciate it if you share your experiences of getting a PU to help others by emailing [email protected]

001-Getting a PU

001-Getting a PU Shared by a group member who’s received their PU letter recently. – District office: Fengxian District 奉贤区 – Timeline (2 weeks): district approval in 1 week, city approval in 1 week – Applicant is a shareholder of a logistics real estate company (work visa, not spouse or dependent visa) – PU is

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If none of the above information answered your question, you can check out our Q&A forum and search keywords to see if someone has already asked your question. If there are none, submit a new question!

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