This is how most people feel when they go to Shanghai Exit Entry bureau.

Hi. I’m Harrison and just a foreigner who is paying-it-forward. 

I was at the Shanghai Exit Entry Bureau to renew my visa for the n-th time. Lost and confused with new processes introduced from the last time I was there. I asked the receptionists “What question do you hate answering the most!?” They unanimously pointed at the 4-step submission process diagram neatly hidden under the glass service of their reception desk. I asked, “Why not display this in vertical standing placard or on a standing banner?” Because it destroys the “visual aesthetics” of the space. lol. So this site was born! 

Hopefully, with this site, I can help the constant stream of visitors who get lost settling in Shanghai – visa-related issues being the most common. In doing so, I believe I am saving countless hours of aggregated time for not only you guys but also the staff!! I do not work at the Shanghai Exit Entry Bureau nor under any government department. 

I also want this site to help people settle in Shanghai or leave Shanghai more efficiently and effectively – and avoid common tricky situations. If you have any suggestions to help improve or update the information on this site – if you noticed the submission process at Shanghai Exit Entry Bureau changed, you want to pay-it-forward as well and share useful information for assimilating in Shanghai, or you have a burning question that you know is a common problem for many others – then please shoot me an email at shanghai exit entry at gmail without spaces. I can’t guarantee a speedy response but I will try to check this email regularly. On behalf of all future foreigners who may get some help as a result of your your email, I thank you!!

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