Extending Stay in China

 Good Samaritans are sharing their experience extending their stays in China. Many have emailed me that the below information has helped them a lot.

I would also appreciate it if you can share your experience by emailing to [email protected] Verify that the below information is correct or let readers know that there has been a change or you had a unique case. Please provide context as well: visa type, single entry/multiple entries, date entered, etc. Thank you!

Though most people should have used this benefit by now, there are still some whose one year visas(or those who managed to get a new visa outside of China after end of March and entered China but new visas) are about to expire, in which case, 60-day automatic extensions are still valid.

If none of the above information answered your question, you can check out our Q&A forum and search keywords to see if someone has already asked your question. If there are none, submit a new question!

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