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“Exit-Entry Administration of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Public Security”


1500 Minsheng Rd, Pudong District, Shanghai, China, 200086

Public Transport:

Nearest to Line 2 Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and  Line 9 Middle Yanggao Road Exit 4. Scroll down for the map. 


Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm for Visa/Stay Permit/Residence Permit

(All other issues like loss of foreign passport will not be accepted on Saturdays.)

9am-11:30 They usually open doors at 8:45am. There might be a small line but the queue moves along the faster and you would spend the least amount of time waiting(i.e. 30mins) compared to if you were to go during other times of the day(i.e. 1-3 hours).

11:30-1:30pm  Lunch. It seems there are two to three lunch shifts starting at 11am so the process starts slowing down and then comes to almost a complete stop by 11:30am. There will be 50-100 people in queue from before lunch, waiting for visa officers to return from their lunch breaks and resume their work. If you think you will arrive after 10am, then consider packing your own lunch. 

1:30-5:00pm More people start flooding in at 1:25pm. Bring a book with you. Keep an eye on the queue number.



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