Switching companies and work permit

From a very top-level, the process is as follows:

  1. your current employer needs to cancel your work permit
  2. your new employer needs to apply for your new work permit
  3. apply for your new residence permit

The process should be less time-consuming than your first time getting your work permit. This time round, you do not need to provide your Chinese CV, non-criminal record, health exam, and your graduation certificate. That already shaves off a month of waiting and messy admin stuff. Woohoo, congrats!!

Once your employer cancels your work permit, you will receive a “proof of work permit cancellation” from the foreigner’s work permit department with their chop on it. Your new employer will need that paper when they apply for your new work permit. 

Documents Required for changing employers(BOTH soft and hard copies):

  • Application form(generated on the online application system)
  • Contract with new employer
  • Your old residence permit
  • Your passport ID page
  • Proof of work permit cancellation (外国人来华工作许可注销证明) for your old work permit

(work in progress)

  1. Submit the documents on the online platform
  2. Submit the documents in-person
  3. Pick-up the the work-permit
  4. Go apply for your residence-permit

Documents Required for residence permit:


That’s it. 


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