China International Import Expo 2019's Workday and Weekends Switcharoo for Shanghai Residents

Have you seen more police, flowers, quick roadside work or paint jobs on the streets of Shanghai recently? 

That’s because it’s that time of year when the government wants us off the streets and clear the way for visitors from people from all over the world to attend the China International Import Expo(Nov 5th-10th)!! Hurray!(?) So there will be a revised work schedule for the week of China Import Expo. 

This does NOT mean you will get extra days off. Instead, there will be a switcharoo for workdays and weekends:

Mon Oct 28th – Sat Nov 2nd: Work 6 days straight

Sun Nov 3rd – Tue Nov 5th: “Enjoy” an artificial 3-day long weekend

Wed Nov 6th – Sat Nov 9th: Work 4 days straight

Sun Nov 10th: 1-day weekend

Mon Nov 11th: Back to regular work schedule

Revised work days and weekend calendar due to China International Import Expo

Source: 上海发布

Chances are November 2nd-3rd, they will be setting up the entire exhibition venue as well as the entire city. Monday November 4th will most likely be a private kick-off day for government personnels and a few big figures. For example, Jack Ma and Bill Gates attended last year. 


  • Plan your schedules well and add +10 mins buffer time to your commute so you’re not late to your arrangements!! 
  • Carry a photocopy of your passport (and perhaps another soft copy on your phone). I would imagine if the police are stopping any foreigners on the subway frequently, it would be this time of year. 

For directions and venue details to China Import Expo, click here.

For the official website of China Import Expo, click here. You can see what kinds of vendors will be present and purchase tickets if you’d like. 

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