Online self-service residence registration with the police now live!!

We are all familiar with the law that mandates all foreigners to register their residence within 24hours of arrival at a police station. This causes headaches for both expats and foreign tourists that may result in penalties. (If you stay in hotels, then you’re fine. The government requires hotels to register their foreign guests as part of the check-in process.)

You no longer have to register at the police station anymore! 

Shanghai launched a self-service resident registration system to help streamline this process. Now all foreign tourists and expats staying in Shanghai can simply declare their information and place of residence online. 

This is the most user-friendly government site I have ever seen. It seems the government has hired a legitimate UI/UX designer. The process seems very straightforward. You can access the self-service registration website by clicking on this link:

Shanghai was in a hurry to roll this out because of the 2nd annual China International Import Expo and many foreigners will be flocking to Shanghai (don’t forget work schedules have been affected). It seems they had a difficult time last year registering such large influx of foreigners so they are preparing themselves better this year. 

So Beijingers (and other cities) reading this, be patient. I’m sure this system will be introduced in other cities in the coming months!! 

Old rules still apply

Expats with residence permits only need to register whenever they renew their residence permits(or move to a new address). Others would still need to register each time they enter the country. Others include tourist visas, business visas, and family visas. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t take you more than 15mins to register as opposed to a few hours!

If you need a step-by-step guide on this exciting new site, you can follow Alex Panayotopoulos’ guide on SmartShanghai:

If you have any other questions, ask on our forum:


Source: 东方网

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