The Gold Card Visa in Taiwan

So you’ve exhausted all your options on trying to extend your stay in Mainland China. You can consider relocating to Taiwan for the time being. It’s one of the safest places from COVID and you have internet freedom. 

They have a relatively new visa program that aims to attract talented professionals to just be in Taiwan. 

To learn more, you can google “taiwan gold card” to find the official (confusing) websites or visit this website maintained by volunteers: or this youtube video


Basically it’s an “open” visa that allows you to reside in Taiwan (can apply for up to 3 years) and work for 0 to multiple employers in Taiwan simultaneously. The easiest way to get this gold card is to prove that you had a salary of 160,000 TWD per month(approx 5,700 USD /mo or 67-70k USD /yr) for a full year during the last 3 years. 

There are also other ways to be eligible without showing your minimum salary but requires more paperwork. Examples include: you are working in renewable energy sector, AI sector, or you were part of a movie production team that won a globally recognized award, etc etc…

Just a possibility for you to consider as you wait for post-covid times. 


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