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Erik asked 4 years ago

Hey , is it possible to extend the M visa with not all required documents during the covid-19 situation . Like maybe just a letter from the company I work for  and their  proof of that company being a legitimate business .

Or is there any other way right now that you know of to stay in china so I don’t have to leave  since My university starts in September and I can’t leave or I won’t be able to re enter . ( don’t have the visa document for the student visa yet ) 

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Erik,
Please read this guy who managed to extend his M visa:
If you can get the company to write a letter, you might as well get them to include a statement that you haven’t finished your business with the company, all your expenses will be covered by the company and they will be responsible for you, just like the guy mentioned in the link. 
If the company won’t help you out, then you should go to the exit-entry bureau headquarter in Pudong and ask. Bring all your documents related to your university program / offer / acceptance letter / anything that could make your case, and go ask them what visa you should apply for. I’m guessing they would either issue a stay permit or a humanitarian visa. And then eventually apply for your student visa. 
Go to the exit-entry bureau headquarter in Pudong as it seems they have been more lenient / flexible than the other exit-entry bureaus during this pandemic period.

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