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alex asked 4 years ago

Hi.  I´ve just got my second 90days M-visa extension from the PSB in BJ.  ( for a German passport ) I´ve got a new visa sticker in my passport ( similar to the first extension sticker,- covers an entire passport page ), and my original M-visa ( 90 days, multiple ) has not been cancelled ,as it seems. ( It is valid until Feb 2021, – no cancellation stamp, or sth similar that would indicate that my original visa has been cancelled ) The immigration officer told me that the best she can do is 2 extensions total.  That´s the limit. ( for M visa ) A third one will not possible, according to the officer. My question  :  Since my original M visa seems to be still valid,  would it be theoretically possible to travel to Macao ( which is officially a low-risk area, according to the government ) before my second extension expires in January 2021,  cross the border and travel back into mainland China the same day ? (( I would be travelling from a low-risk area ( mainland ) into another low-risk area ( Macao )  and back )) thx in advance  

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

I think only people with valid residence permit can enter China without a PU invitation letter for the time being.
I would recommend calling the Chinese consulate in Macau so that you can get a better picture of what to expect.
You can refer to this anecdote shared by another person in a somewhat similar situation as to the one you are in. 

Good Samaritan #10 – Getting a second extension on a Business Visa(M) during covid-19

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