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Joy asked 4 years ago

I’ve read on sites like everyone else did that the Ministry said you can enter now on a personal matters ( S ) visa as of September 28.
However, when I asked the Pudong Exit-Entry Bureau, they said it’s not the case? They didn’t give me a reason why either (so helpful).
The original article from the gov website is missing, and I could only find this:
Is there word of anyone who’s been able to enter the country on an S visa?

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

I don’t think Pudong Exiit-Entry Bureau would know very well since they deal with people who are already in China.
You would have better chances getting more accurate answers specific to your situation by calling the Chinese embassy/consulate of the city/country where you(or your family member) would be departing from to enter China. 

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