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Juan Lazo asked 4 years ago

Hi, My 60 day period of grace expires next week but my flight won’t be leaving Shanghai to Paris up until July if any. So the question is? would I have to extend my stay for every 30 days until I leave? or is there another option? 

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Juan, 
So you would have to visit the exit-entry bureau in-person and apply for a stay permit (and apply for 60-day or 90-day) but unfortunately, they will likely only  provide a 30-day stay permit and you would have to extend 30 days at a time.
Still! Test your luck. Put down 60 or 90 day duration and print out your flight ticket confirmation etc. anything that will help make your case. And pray that the immigration officer is in a good mood.
I would go first thing in the morning. They could be in an unfriendly mood in the afternoon. They get harassed by all sorts of crazy people. 
I haven’t heard of other options yet. If anybody reading this know of better options, please share! Cheers. 
Good luck, Juan. 

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