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elaine asked 4 years ago

Good day.   I would like to ask if I can extend 1 more time my q2 visa. My 1st extension last time was Feb 19 and  granted 90 days visa ( ordinary extension), my extended visa will expire on June 2, I would like to extend it once more, please kindly help or anyone experience the same? What are the requirement?Last time we just presented my passport and supporting letter from my husband including his id\\\’s and no financial proof required, currently Is financial proof needed? If it is possibly how much do we need to present?   Am I entitled as well of 2 months automatic extension if I will not go to the bureau in person to extend my current visa?   Any advise is highly appreciated.   Thank you

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Elaine, 
You are entitled to the 2 months of automatic extension because your current visa was an ordinary/paid extension visa and not this free cornavirus visa. 
I don’t like how they phrased the term “automatic extension” though. Think of it as 2 months of free overstaying on your visa. So you can leave China 60 days past your latest valid visa’s expiration date.
So your latest valid visa will expire on June 2nd. Which means you can overstay your visa by 60 days and must leave China by August 1st, 2020. 
Of course, mid-July or last week of July, you can apply for a stay permit visa. They’ve been issuing 30-day stay permits. 
I guess it doesn’t hurt to go to exit-entry bureau and attempt to apply for another 90-day visa. And, if they don’t allow a second q2 90-day extension then at least you can still take advantage of the 60-day free-and-automatic overstay. 
Caveat: If for any reason, China declares before June 3rd that “the pandemic period is over!” then you should call exit-entry bureau right away because the 60 day automatic extension might no longer be effective. So you should keep tabs on the news..  I’m sure plenty of wechat official accounts for expat communities will relay the announcement as well. 
Good luck, Elaine. 

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