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Eli Frischmann asked 4 years ago

Hi I am currently in China under a 10 year M Business visa and I know that if you have the L Visa and apply for the 30 day stay permit your current visa will be voided. Does that apply for the M Visa as well?

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Yes, the L-visa was just an example. 
As far as I know, China allows only 1 visa at a time. 
But, I may be wrong. Please call the exit entry bureau’s hotline 28951900 and confirm. Afterwards, if you could be so kind to share with us your findings by emailing shanghaiexitentry[-a-t-]gmail.com

smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

I just got this answer from someone: 
“When I called two days ago they said M visa can apply for 2nd extension after automatic extension ends that DOESN’T cancel existing visa. Haven’t applied yet though so not sure what happens in practice”
So hopefully someone can confirm this and let me know soon by emailing shanghaiexitentry[-a-t-]gmail.com
Thank you. 

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