Renewed residence permit, can I re-enter China?

Q & A ForumRenewed residence permit, can I re-enter China?
Ben asked 4 years ago

So I understand that anyone with a visa issued after March 28 can re-enter China, what about those who renew their residence permits during this time?  My residence permit is set to expire this summer and I fully intend on renewing it.  Would this count as a “visa issued after March 28” and then would allow me to re-enter the country if I were to fly home?

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Nope. Unfortunately, it’s visas issued outside of China. They’re only issuing to those who are essential personnels, diplomats and foreigners with Chinese family members who are still in China.

If the ban on foreigners are not lifted by the time you travel, you wouldn’t be able to re-enter China.

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