How to apply for a residence permit in Shanghai

** Work Permit and Residence Permit are different things. If you do not have your work permit yet, you need to do that first. See how to apply for a work permit or work visa in Shanghai. **

Residence Permit – Required Documents

Registration Form of Temporary Residence – Register your residence at a police station – *tip* if you have stayed at a hotel in Shanghai, then re-register at the police station that is in charge of your residential address. I have met a case where someone went on a business trip in the outskirts of Shanghai and stayed at a hotel there. As part of the standard hotel check-in process, the hotel registered him at the relevant police station.

The original business license + 1 Copy of the China Company Business License with employer official seal

[For WFOE] The original China Company Approval certificate & photocopy of it with employer official seal

A statement from your company

Once you have all the documents, you and your HR are ready to go submit your visa application to the Shanghai Exit-Entry Bureau

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