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Dora Adam asked 4 years ago

Now I missed my flight, and I couldn’t find any available flights till my residence permit already expired, but my work permit is still valid, I want to know what are the required documents to get a new residence permit from outside China?? Is it possible to get a new visa in the current restriction??

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Dora, 
Chinese embassies/consulates around the world do not issue new residence permits. Given the pandemic, they are allowing people like you (still have a work permit but residence permit expired) to apply for an entry visa at your local Chinese embassy / consulate. You will need to call your local Chinese embassy / consulate to confirm the documents they require of you. 
I’m guessing they will need your company to write a statement confirming you are still working for them along with other documents. 
Also double check which covid tests you need to take, from which hospitals(if any designated ones), and how many hours (days / business days) before departure, since these things have been changing frequently. 
Good luck!

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