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Tukur Ahmed asked 4 years ago

I recently graduated and used my 60 days automatic extension, after which I applied for stay permits for 2 months(30 days each) and got it. Now it expires in few days and i still cannot leave because there are no flights available to my country. What should i do please? Will my visa be extended for another 30 days though last time i went there i was told i may need to give some amount of money as deposit or assurance fee. But I’d like to know if I’ll be able to extend should I provide all relevant documents and information backing up my claim that i cannot go home. Thank you very much 

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

I think you’ve answered the question for yourself already! 
Given the context and uncertainty we live in today, you would definitely want to make a case and prepare all relevant documents. 
The Chinese government wants to make sure you have the money to continue staying in China so they want some form of assurance. 

  • a statement from a company registered in China saying they guarantee you are indeed stuck here because there are no flights back home and that you won’t have any issues extending your stay 
  • a statement from a Shanghainese with their Chinese ID basically also guaranteeing that you won’t be causing any trouble during your extension
  • a bank statement saying you have enough cash to extend your stay in China

Good luck, Tukur! 

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