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Tamara Dinic asked 4 years ago

My question is: where are the foreigners allowed to exit China during this period of Corona virus in order to extend their visas? My working Z visa expires on February 24th, and since my company didn’t know how to transfer the visa on “their name”, I need to exit China once again to apply for the tourist visa first (Office in HK). What is happening now? Is there a service which will be open from tomorrow, Monday 10th? Thanks a lot.

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Sorry for the slow response, Tamara.
Yes, it seems the bureau is open now but with limited staff.
But I think it’s possible to get an extension(usually 7- or 30-day extension depending on the visa officer’s mood) on your Z-visa. Not sure if the extra days would be enough to get everything sorted though. Your company should be able to get your work permit first even if you’re not in the country. But when they apply for your residence permit, you will need to be present.
Good luck!

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