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Erin asked 4 years ago

Hello – my son has a US passport, but also has a chinese passport. Long story. Anyways, we want to travel using the US passport, HOWEVER, have not been able to get a visa in his passport from entry/exit, because first, they told us we needed to cancel his hukou. We did that and went back. then they told us we need to cancel his citizenship, which no one in his home town seems to know how to do. Anyways, there is a travel document that can be issued to kids in this situation, and due to travel bans, we absolutely cannot travel to his hometown to investigate a solution right now. Would it be possible for entry-exit bureau to issue this document for us? 

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Erin,
I’m afraid I bring you bad news. I’ve spoken to an expert and it seems your son must return to his hometown to de-register his Chinese status.
I guess you could still try your luck and go to the nearest exit-entry bureau.
Will they stop your son from leaving China because he has not de-register his Chinese status?
Wish you and your family good luck.

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