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Sebastian Penning asked 4 years ago

Dear Shanghai Exit and Entry,
Currently, I am a student in Shanghai, however, due to the virus my university is forcing me to leave China. Therefore, I want to (temporarily) go to Taiwan. However, I do not know if I my current visa is a multiple entry and exit visa. Before I had a X2, 1 entry visa. I extended my stay until July with a residence permit. I heard from students that this is enough, but I want to be sure. Could you please inform me. Your help is appreciated.
Kind regards,
Sebastian Penning 

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Sebastian,
If you have a residence permit then you surely can exit and re-enter.
Sorry for the slow response. I was also scrambling out of Shanghai…
Hope you enjoy Taipei, Sebastian!
Warm Regards

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