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Samuel asked 4 years ago

Does the automatic Visa extension apply to students? Due to the school not “reoppening” on time. Most of us have visas expiring on March 20th 2020. Some classes have started online but we have not received the letter from the school to apply for the Residence Permits again. How would that affect those in China? What about outside of China?

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Visa extension applies to all foreigners currently in China with a valid visa(including business visas – which is hard to get any form of extensions usually!!) expiring or has expired during the virus period(no end date yet). Such people get 2 month extra grace period from the date of your expiration. 
i.e. Your visa expired recently and you leave China on day 59 after your visa has expired, the immigration officer at the airport will not penalize you. They should not give you any trouble. 
I didn’t see/hear anything about letters from schools being delayed and what would be the case….sorry.
For your classmates who are currently outside of China, they would have to apply for a tourist visa (or any other visa) to get back into China. 
Good luck!

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