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Lada asked 4 years ago

 There’s a word that people might get their visas extended for two extra months during the corona virus outbreak, is that true? My visa expires in April 14th, I am expected to apply for its renewal in March but due to all the safety measures it can be challenging. 

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Lada, 
Officially, it is not for all the foreigners. It is intended for those foreigners in high-tech and encouraged enterprises or industries.

China urges orderly resumption of entry, exit services
China has rolled out a series of measures to facilitate entry and exit services in an effort to support the country’s resumption of work and production amid the novel coronavirus epidemic, according to the National Immigration Administration.
Adopting differentiated measures to curb the epidemic, regions of low risks should fully resume their services for entry and exit, while the medium-risk regions need to gradually reopen the services in accordance with their epidemic situation. Emergency appointment services will be available in high-risk areas to handle applications of urgent cases, the NIA said in a statement.
For foreigners engaging in innovation, entrepreneurship and scientific research in China, they can automatically receive a two-month residence period extension if their visa or residence permit expires during the epidemic prevention and control period, it read.”
So unfortunately this doesn’t apply to most foreigners’ work visas. 🙁 
I’m on the same boat as you but I’m not in China so I might have to apply for a tourist visa depending on how soon/late I return. 
Your company HR should handle the bulk of the burden right? Shouldn’t be too difficult to renew a work visa. Much easier than getting it for the first time. 
Good luck, Lada!! 

smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Lada, 
Good news.
I received updates that this 2 month extension will be available for foreigners in Shanghai!! For both category A and B professionals. 

smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

I received some clarification: 2 month extensions are available for those who are CURRENTLY IN CHINA and are on business visa, culture visa, or work visa. They can leave up to 2 months past the expiration date displayed on their visas and immigration officers will not (and should not) give you trouble. 

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