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Jane asked 4 years ago

I have quit my job. They will cancel my visa. I need to find another job. Do I go to Thailand to apply for a tourist visa? Will China let me back in during the virus outbreak? How long will I be stranded in Thailand?

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Jane, 
They will cancel your work permit. But your residence permit should still be valid until the expiry date (unless you/your company takes your passport and goes to the exit-entry bureau to cancel your residence permit as well). So ideally, you don’t leave China until you get your new work permit (where you will need the work permit cancellation documents from the company you just resigned from), which you will use to apply for a new residence permit.
The other questions… I cannot help you with. All I can say is research the news thoroughly as these things are changing by the hour. 
Good luck Jane!!

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