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Serhii asked 4 years ago

Good afternoon, my name is Serhii, I would like to ask, because of unexpected corona virus I suddenly left China in the middle of our business, and expect back China February to continue business, but I afraid to do, and now I ready back to China continue control some business with chinese partners but the problem my visa expired 29th of March, and once I back to China before 29th of March I can stay 60 more days. I afraid it might be not enough because a lot of things to do. Can I do visa extension for 60 more days? And my total stayment in shanghai would be 120 days. It could be great for me and my business( I have business (M) visa. For 1 year ( 60 days each stay) valid till 29th of March

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Serhii,
Thank you for your message. I just want to clarify that I am just a foreigner in China helping people with their questions. 
Depending on when China declares they’re no longer in the pandemic period, you are eligible to get +60 days. So if you enter on Mar 29, you are supposed to leave on May 28. As long as China still considers they’re still in coronavirus period, you can leave China on July 28th and immigration officer at the airport should be cool with that. 
Please double check everything. Ask your business partners to confirm for you or directly contact/visit one of the exit-entry bureaus to confirm. 
Good luck, Serhii. 

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