Mutli-entry toursit visa extension?

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Simon asked 4 years ago

To quickly introduce my situation, I have a 10-year tourist VISA and I prefer living in Shanghai. I’ve been living here for many years. My visa run is every 2 months and I usually just go to HK and stay for a day or two and come right back. I would like to know if I can extend my extend my upcoming exit schedule for another month or two during this outbreak? I’m worried if I go to HK, I may need to quarantine there for 14 days. Thank you so much for the help!

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Simon. 
Note: I’m an expat helping other expats (plz read About Page 
All foreigners who are currently in China get 2 months extension on their current visas as long as the visa is set to expire during the coronavirus period. So you don’t have to do anything and can leave for Hong Kong 60 days later than your original date. i.e. if you were supposed to leave by March 25th, then you can now leave on May 24th and immigration officer at the airport shouldn’t give you any trouble. 

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