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Davide Giuseppe Farella asked 4 years ago

Good morning,

I have a 30 days Visa for China, I entered China on December 10th and I would like to know if it’s ok if I book a flight for exit China on January 9th.

Thank you.

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

oooh 1-day extra…. it might be risky… You can play the innocent person and say you forgot December had 31 days and thus miscalculated….
Depends on which immigration officer processes you at customs. 
If lucky, the person will let you off the hook. 
If unlucky, they might fine you(a few hundred RMB), interrogate you(could be in a separate room), and/or let you go but this incident will remain on record and probably affect your future visa applications. 
If I were you I wouldn’t take the risk.
However, if you’re desperate, then you can go ask an immigration officer at the shanghai exit entry bureau’s inquiry booths. You can follow this guide . 
I must admit, this might be time consuming but at least you’ll get a clear and more accurate answer. 
Curious to know which decision you end up making and the results or consequences. Good luck!!

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