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Sam Lewis asked 12 months ago

I am currently a teacher in Hangzhou. I would like to change to a firm in a different sector as a Business Development Rep. Will I need to leave the country and apply for a new Z visa or is it possible to apply for new work permit within China. If I would need to leave the country and apply for a new Z visa, would I need a new criminal record check notarised in the UK even though I have been living in China this past year?

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ShanghaiExitEntry Staff answered 12 months ago

You can change the work visa from company A to Company B within China directly.
No need to leave China. No need to provide another non – criminal record.
But as you probably know already, you will need to make sure your have 2 years of BD experience(or similar work experience). Otherwise, it might raise some red flags and they might ask questions at the exit entry bureau or they will simply reject your application. 

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