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Matthew Robert Myers asked 5 years ago

Dear Shanghai Entry/Exit Bureau,
My name is Matt and I am a US citizen. I currently live and work in Shanghai and have a work visa.
My passport# [–removed for protection—]
My Visa Number#[–removed for protection—]
I have lived and worked in China for around 7 years. I have resigned from my position and I am still employed through February 2020. My employer will process the cancellation of my work permit. I would like to be able to remain in China thru the end of March 2020.
Is there a way I can apply for an extension, once they cancel my work permit? Or can I apply for a tourist visa while I am still here in China?
I appreciate any advice on how to handle this.

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Matt,
Firstly, I need to make it clear, this site was born because I wanted to help people with their visa submission issues in Shanghai, particularly with their submission process when they arrive on the 3F of the Shanghai Exit Entry Bureau. I am just a regular expat sharing knowledge. I am not working for or with the Shanghai government or the exit-entry bureau. I have removed your passport and visa numbers. 
So moving on to answering your question….
Your company should cancel your work permit and then you are supposed to leave / cancel your resident permit within x number of days (I think it’s 7 days). However, it is very possible that your company just cancels your work permit and that’s it. You just keep your residence permit and let it expire naturally. So hopefully your residence permit lasts until at least end of March 2020, otherwise, you’ll need to find other ways. 
Tourist visa is one way but I don’t think you can apply it within the Chinese borders. You can apply for a humanitarian visa(which they give 30 days for people who are “in the process” of finding another job / switching to another job in Shanghai/China. You just need the right paper work, including the work permit cancellation letter from your employer. 
Hope that helps and good luck Matt!!

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