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Emmanuelle Caserotto asked 4 years ago

my husband and I are here in Shanghai and we have a M visa. Our next visa exit is in April. We saw that all foreign visas will be given an extra 60 days extension. It is automatic or do we need to come to the entry exit agency of Shanghai?
we want to make sure we do what is required of us.
thank you for your help in this regard.
have a good day
Ms Caserotto

1 Answers
smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

2-month automatic extension: Starting on March 4th, all foreigners who are currently in China – regardless of visa types, such as tourist visa, business visa, etc – have been extended 60 days automatically. i.e. If your visa shows that it will expire on April 15th, then you can leave on June 14th(+60 days) at the latest. Airport immigration officers will not give you any trouble leaving China.
So no further action is required from you. 

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