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bo asked 4 years ago

Thanks for all your help!
My old company canceled my work permit a few days ago but my residence permit says it’s valid until October. Can I stay here until October, as long as I don’t actually work and earn money?? I don’t know how airport staff would know I don’t have a work permit if I leave in October, but I don’t want to do anything illegal either.Ā 
Otherwise, I should be getting on a humanitarian visa, right? How long can I reasonably wait before doing that? And would the extension still apply? Someone told me that the 60-day extension ended already but I’m not sure if their source is correct, do you know? šŸ™ Thank you so much!!

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Bo,Ā 
China hasn’t announced the pandemic period ended. So the two month automatic extension is still valid.Ā 
Yes, companies definitely need to cancel work permits but they are also supposed to cancel residence permits. From what I’ve seen, many companies just let the residence permits expire naturally.
Cheers and good luck!

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