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Appala Naidu Pappala asked 4 years ago

I collected my Residence permit on January 31st after paying cash.But I forgot to collect the reciept.For reimbursement i need reciept.How I can get the reciept.
Thanks and Regards,

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

I’m pretty sure that slip of white paper(a table of info with your info, photo, price and that cool red ink that can turn transparent when you press your finger against it) that you used to pick up your passport is the receipt.
Basically when you traded that white paper and they give you an envelope containing a passport but on the envelope they have an identical white paper with the same table of info. 
If you lost it, then no idea if exit-entry bureau can help you even during normal times. I would suggest ask your company to substitute it with other receipts/ fapiaos.
Good luck!

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