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Dr Hartmut Götte asked 4 years ago

Hi, thanks for your help. I have valid Work & Residence Permits, and was on business trip in Taiwan when the border was closed for foreigners. My work and living place is in Shanghai, where can I get a visa (if at all) to return to China, with no Chinese governmental office here in Taiwan?
Best regards    Hartmut

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Honestly, no idea. If HK didn’t close their borders, I would’ve said Hong Kong. But all embassies and consulates of China around the world are not issuing new visas at the moment. 
You would have to wait until China lifts it ban and hopefully your residence permit hasn’t expired yet. 
My educated guess that any news for lifting the ban on foreigners entering China would be announced around April 22nd. 
If your residence permit expires by then, you would probably have to return to your home country and reapply for a tourist visa, get back into China first and then apply for your work and residence permits again. Your employer can start the application for the work permit renewal process even when you’re outside of China but your presence will be required for the residence permit application phase. 
Are you a medical doctor? I wonder if those with Type A work permits are allowed to enter China. I’m assuming all medical doctors are Type A work permits

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