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Josefine Kroeswagn asked 4 years ago

Dear Sir or Madam,
My name is Josefine Kroeswagn, I am a Master student with the Resident Permit Number [—removed for privacy—-]. I would like to do an internship during the summer of 2020 in Shanghai. Is the residence permit enough? Do I have to change the residence permit now or get another visa? What do I need to have in order to be allowed to do an internship in shanghai or can I just do it with my residence permit?


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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Josefine,
Strictly speaking, I’m pretty sure there is a separate internship visa but, if you’re already in China and it’s only for the summer, then maybe it’s not worth all the trouble…. 
I don’t know much about internships and student-related visas. If I were you, I would ask all of your potential employers for your internship opportunity and explain your visa situation. Then I think you will have your answer. 

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