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Francesco-Alessio Ursini asked 4 years ago

Dear all,

My name is Francesco-Alessio. I have worked at a local university as a foreign talent for 3 years, and I have won a job at a university in Wuhan for 5 years. My current contracr expires on the 2020-08-31 and the new contract starts on the 2020-09-01. 

My question pertains to which option I should use to transfer to Wuhan and start the procedure to get a new work and residence permit. My current residence permit covers the period 2017-08-31 to 2020-08-31.

It is my understanding that I can claim an automatic extension the moment I will be in Wuhan and my current permit expires. Thus, if I move on the 2020-08-29, and apply for the new work permit on the 2020-08-31, from the 2020-09-01 I will be covered by the automatic 2-month extension.
However, my new employer insists that I apply for a stay permit before I move there, so that I have a “piece of paper” to show to potential police officers/desk attendants at the airport/hotel personnel to avoid problems. 
I have applied for a stay permit but the entry/exit personnel invited me to apply on the 20th of August with a letter from my current employer stating that I will not work for them anymore, and I am moving to a new job, hence the need for a stay permit.
When I asked if I could simply claim the 2-month extension period at the airport and in the hotel in Wuhan, the officer could not answer, and after asking her colleagues, no consensus was reached. The general impression was that they had no idea, to be really frank.
Can anyone offer input on the matter? 

All the very best,


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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Basically, they don’t want to be held accountable. They never know when the government will introduce new policies (or policies that might terminate older policies like the 2 month extension). 
But, yes, as far as I know, since you’re already in China + never used the 2-month extension benefit, you are still entitled to stay an extra 2 months of “automatic extension” (or I like to call it “free overstay in China” without penalties) from the time your current visa expires. 
You are allowed to travel domestically during this 2 month extension. Sure, there may be staff who are unaware of the two-month extension rule for foreigners but you can help let them know haha
And you are also allowed to used this 2 month extension to apply for new visas. 
Of course, if you’re super unlucky and the government declares  “the covid-19 period has ended!” on 2020-08-31 (but highly unlikely), then the 2 month automatic extension benefit would also end since it depends on the pandemic period. 
These are my two cents. 
Good luck! 
Warm Regards,
Just Another Expat

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