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Silke Petry asked 4 years ago

Hi, my and my son’s visa expire after one year Sep. 15th. We are her on my husbands work permit (own company hospitality consultancy) but he’s stranded in germany after a business travel and can’t return. Can I get an 60 day extension for me and my son without renewing his work permit ?? Thanks Silke  

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Silke, 
Regardless of what residence permit you may have, if you have not yet taken advantage of the 60-day extension, then you are eligible. 
I.e. your residence permit says it will expire on Sep 15, 2020. Then you can stay past that date by 60 days max. But by day #45, you should start preparing for a stay permit application. 
As always, I’m just an expat sharing insights to the best of my knowledge. Please do your due diligence. 
Thank you and good luck!
Just Another Expat

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