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Ben asked 4 years ago

Please let me know the following. If I will not come to Exit-Entry Bureau to extend my 60 days free stay will I have some punishment for that? Should I come before 7 days in advance? Is that strict? Or may I come before 2-3 days is that still will be fine? Thank you a lot 

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Ben, 
You can still go 2-3 business days before. But that’s if you know for certain you have all the documents you need. 
To minimize errors, I would recommend this:

  1. going to the Exit-Entry Bureau headquarters in pudong 2 or 3 weeks in-advance with all your papers, show the immigration officer if you have all the correct paper work
  2. 2-3 business days before 60-day free stay expires, go again to submit the application
  3. and if you’re still missing something (ex. sentences with incorrect words, or policy changes that affect you last minute) then you still have 1-2 business days to re-apply before your free stay expires


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