Same problem as previous posters with criminal check legalization.

Q & A ForumCategory: Work PermitSame problem as previous posters with criminal check legalization.
Bob asked 3 years ago

The Chinese consulate in Canada is closed. The police check that I will get shipped here is unable to be legalized there. The Canadian consulate in Shanghai only provides certified true copy services. I need to get the work visa. What are my options?
A friend of mine was able to obtain his work visa with only the police report itself, as well as the stamp from the Canadian consulate. But I don’t see how this was possible since it is not legalized. Did he just get lucky? What can I do?

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Momentix Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Bob, 
If you have the Canadian police check, and you bring it to a Canadian consulate in Shanghai or the Canadian embassy in China, they can stamp on it to verify that it’s the real thing. 
I will confirm with an expert in the field. 
In the meantime just answer this question for me… The other guy who posted the question previously didn’t even have his police check/record. But in your case, you(or your family) already have your police check but it’s just in Canada? 

Momentix Staff answered 3 years ago

Alright so my friend says you must get the police report legalized and recommends that you call the Canadian consulate in Shanghai(or the canadian consulate nearest to you) and ask if they provide legalization services. 
Maybe your the stamp your friend got was in fact the legalization stamp….
Good luck, Bob. 

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