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George asked 4 years ago

Hi everybody, after the 60-day automatic extension was over, I got a stay permit (T-visa) from my local PSB (not in Shanghai). Now I have found a company in Shanghai that would be willing to sponsor a working permit for me.
However they have now told me they went both to the labor bureau and to the PSB, and they were told that it is not possible to apply for a working permit and a working visa with a stay permit. Not being located in Shanghai myself I have no idea how i could check if thats correct or if they company just asked the wrong person. In the city were i am right now, it would be no problem to apply for a working permit with my present stay visa.
Can anybody shed light on this?

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

I’ve checked with an expert in the field.
It should be okay to apply for a work permit while holding a stay permit in Shanghai.
However, it is true that each city has different policies. Since your stay permit is not from Shanghai, it may not work.
If you provide the name of the city, we may be able to provide more relevant advice.

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