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范军 asked 4 years ago

My wife and baby’s single entry S2 visa will expire on 4th May, as they entered last year December, in Shanghai with S2 visa of 150 days. In our home country, airports are still closed. Are they allowed for 2 months extension? Can they apply for long term extension? as they are dependant on my work visa which will expire in end of april, 2021. 

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Yes, they are allowed the 2 month extension. 
I would say 2 weeks before this extension is over, you should visit the exit-entry bureau and plead your case. It is up to the officers to decide to give your family another extension or not.
I think it’s very probable they will grant the extension because, like you said, if your home country isn’t allowing incoming passengers, then you have nowhere else to go. 
Best of luck to you and your family. 

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