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Nikita Oparin asked 4 years ago

Hello, I’m sorry my previous question was asked incorrectly,I am now in China on a work visa and I need to get a work visa to Korea, but for her I need to get a doctor’s note that I’m healthy, that I don ‘ t have fever, muscle pain or headache, please tell me where can I do this and is it possible to do this, my Russian consulate sent me to you with this question.

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Nikita, 
I know that Korea is not issuing any tourist visas at the moment. Since you’re getting a work visa, maybe your employer in Korea can help? But your employer might not even know the most accurate info for non-Korean citizens in Shanghai applying for a Korean work permit during the virus period.
I recommend you to visit the Korean consulate in Shanghai to get the most accurate answer – they might have designated hospitals to get the certificates.
This is their Chinese page (maybe you can use google translate or get a Chinese friend to help you): 
You will find the address, business hours, and phone as well. Try calling first and if you can’t get through, then visit directly. They’ll have the most accurate and relevant info for you. 
Good luck, Nikita!

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