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ARob asked 2 months ago

My spouse and I opted for an opposite sex civil partnership in the UK (only became legal as an alternative to marriage this year) before I moved to China for work (currently in quarantine!) and currently hitting a brick wall when it comes to getting the S1 visa invitation letter for my spouse as unfortunately my employers HR department seems to believe a civil partnership is not recognised – has anyone come across anything like this before? In the UK its seen as a legal equivalent so am hoping I can find a way to convince them of the same but no such luck so far! Any one have any advice on alternative options?  
Thanks in advance

ShanghaiExitEntry Staff replied 2 months ago

Hi ARob,

I have no idea on this one. Hope someone has experience with something like this.

Alternatives… hmmm… she also gets a job in China somehow…. or gets invited by an established Chinese company as a consultant or contribute to the Chinese economy in a significant way… in areas of oil/gas, renewable energy, engineering… just guessing things Chinese government would be interested in…

Good luck.
Warm Regards,
Just Another Expat

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