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Trinity asked 2 years ago

I\’ve just had a residence permit issued to me. Since it is after March 29th, 2020, am I able to leave and come back?

1 Answers
Momentix Staff answered 2 years ago

To simply put, you can assume all visas granted since the outbreak of covid is single-entries. 
Just because you’ve gotten a residence permit doesn’t grant you entry into China like the pre-covid times.
However, having a valid residence permit is better than not having one. As far as I understand, before you re-enter China, you’d have to re-apply for an entry visa at the local Chinese embassy/consulate of the country you’ll be in. (And, of course, follow any relevant policies such as 72h covid test… etc etc) 
Good news is, if you have a valid residence permit, you are no longer required to have a PU invitation letter (I think… or maybe it depends on your nationality)
If I were you.. I wouldn’t take the chance. 

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