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Amelie asked 3 years ago

I am a student currently studying in china arrived with X1 visa and now I have a resident permit.
I have found an internship so i have to renew my resident permit to:
-extend my stay duration 
-add the internship remark on my resident permit 
but i have been told that the service delivering resident permit to foreigner is close due to the crisis. is it true ?
my resident permit expire in the end of may ,what can I do?
I am in a urge so any information would be appreciated 
thank you 

1 Answers
Momentix Staff answered 3 years ago

If you are currently in China, then there shouldn’t be any problem. Exit-entry bureaus are open as usual so you should be able to submit your application as usual as well. If they don’t accept your application, then at least you will have the attention of the visa officer, and you can ask for alternative solutions. Visas officers are usually nicer in the early morning (9am) and you should ask nicely. 
Good luck, Amelie. 

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