Residence visa is due to expire end of May

Q & A ForumResidence visa is due to expire end of May
Chris Wong asked 4 years ago

For a Canadian who owns a consultant business in Shanghai and am currently in Canada but with my China Residence visa due to expire end of May, what do I need to do prior re-entering China when its border is lifted?  I have successfully extended online my China work permit, would that warrant me to enter?

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Chris,
Unfortunately, that will not grant you entry to China. 
You will need to apply for a new visa to enter China.
Once the ban is lifted, I would suggest applying for a tourist visa, get into China, then apply for residence permit with your work permit. I think that way, you minimize the amount of paperwork and time.
However, it also may be that China won’t open its borders to tourists but may open borders to foreigners who were working in China already first. It all depends on what policies they will decide to introduce during their meetings that they will be holding in Beijing over the next few weeks. 
And, of course, you can consult with your local consulate / embassy in Canada or, if needed, I can introduce you to a visa agency in Shanghai. 
Good luck, Chris!

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