Domestic travel with expired visa

Arthur asked 4 years ago

Hello, currently my company and me working out to extend my working permit / Visa, but we’re not sure if we can make it on time. But for next week I planned to travel within China, is that possible with my passport and expired visa? (cause I’m not sure if I’ll have this ID paper at that time)

1 Answers
smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

If your work permit and residence permit expired recently, then you still have 60-day automatic extension due to the pandemic. But if your 60-day automatic extension expired, then you should get a humanitarian visa asap. If you can submit your residence permit application successfully before the 60-day automatic extension expires, then you are safe.
When residence permit application is submitted successfully, exit-entry(public security bureau) will provide you with the visa application receipt – a piece of white paper that shows your photo, passport number, visa you applied, your address, cost of the visa application, etc.
This piece of paper will substitute your passport and you must keep that paper with you when you travel domestically. It’s a government paper. If someone doesn’t recognize it, that means they’re new on the job.
Don’t lose the receipt, as you must trade in this paper when you collect your passport with your new visa. 

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