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Zam asked 3 years ago

After resigning from my job, my current employer has informed me that they will cancel both my work and residence permits as their standard process. After that they’ll help me to get a 30 day temporary visa. I have 2 questions:
1. Work permit aside, for residence permit cancellation, is it legally required for the employer to cancel? If yes, within how many days of my last working day they should apply for cancellation.
2. Assuming my residence permit is cancelled and I get a temporary 30 day visa, if I get a new job within these 30 days, will I need to return back to my country to apply for work permit full scratch or can it still be done without leaving China?
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smooth-administrator Staff answered 3 years ago

Question 1 – yes legally required. Within 10 calendar days (not 10 working days)
Question 2 – The temporary visa that they’ll give you will probably be “Humanitarian visa”, which is a grace period to find a new job without having to start from scratch i.e. you won’t need to resubmit health exam, education degree, criminal record check, etc.
I think it’s normal to not have all the documents ready and successfully submit an application within 30 days, in which case, you can get another 30-day humanitarian visa(but with proof that you are in the process of getting it i.e. could be the new employer writing a statement for you stamped with company chop). 

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