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Nathaniel Whiteman asked 3 years ago

I am in the process of changing jobs. I am currently in Shenzhen and have secured a position in Shanghai which I will start in August. Current company will cancel the residence and work permit in July. 

The new company wants me to translate my documents into Chinese, and I have never done this before as usually the company will take care of it, but I am willing to do it. My question is how and where is this translation supposed to be done? And do I need to translate the original documents or the authenticated copies? Also, my degree has been authenticated locally by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, and the certificate is in Chinese, do I still have to translate my degree?
Thanks for your time. 

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 3 years ago

Translation can be done by anybody.The employer will need to stamp on the translation with their company chop, which would verify that the translation is accurate.

Since the Chinese education degree is in Chinese already, no need to translate the degree.

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