Renewing UK Passport in Shanghai then acquiring Residence Permit for the new passport

Q & A ForumRenewing UK Passport in Shanghai then acquiring Residence Permit for the new passport
Andrew Moore Staff asked 5 years ago

I’m a UK citizen living & working in Shanghai. My UK passport is due to expire on 2020-Feb-10, therefore China Residence Permit is also valid until 2020-Feb-10.
I have holiday plans to be in the UK from 2019-Dec-07 till 2019-Dec-29.
If I look to renew my UK passport here in Shanghai during November, how quickly can a China Residence Permit be transferred into my new passport? i.e. I will need this in time for my 7th Dec trip to the UK, as when I re-enter China on 29th Dec, I presume I will need a China Residence Permit in my new passport?

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Jordan answered 5 years ago
^ This should help answer your question.. China visa section
I requested my embassy to include a stamp/chop on my new passport that had a statement along the lines of: “This passport is tied to the passport ([Old Passport Number])” and carried both passports with me until all the valid visas in the old passport were expired.
But can’t you renew your UK passport when you get back to China? Or are you afraid they won’t let you get on the return flight at the end of December? 

James answered 5 years ago

My old passport was made invalid except visa page. The new passport included that it was a replacement of (old passport number). 

Terry answered 5 years ago

Once you have your new passport.. here’s the checklist I went through to transfer my residence permit from my old to new passport last year.
Register at the police station to my “Temporary residence registration form”

  • Old & New passport (original + copy)
  • apartment rental contract (original + copy)
  • landlord ID (copy only)
  • residence permit (copy)

Once I have my new registration with the police, I went to the Shanghai Exit-Entry Bureau with the following:

  • Temporary residence registration form you got from the police station
  • Old & new passport
  • print out work permit card QR code
  • 1 passport photo
  • company registration certificate (original + copy)
  • Registration form(can be found when you get there) 
  • A statement/letter from your company approving this passport change (document should include both old and passport numbers; company chop, of course). 

It cost 200rmb
Took 7 woking days
Then I also went to the tax bureau, bank and phone company to update my passport info.
I did all this myself because I am self-employed and don’t have an HR. I don’t take any responsibility for any changes / outdated info. 
Hope this helps.

Terry answered 5 years ago

Some dont do it.
But actually the consulate and exit entry bureau wants it to be done via 10 days of receiving the new passport
Some got fines for it…
I think best is to just do it. Its not a huge mess or complication to do it. So hope it works. Good luck.
And I had to do it even though I anyway had to redo my resident permit. My resident permit was due 2 month later. So I had to get a new passport course my old one lost its ID card…

smooth-administrator Staff answered 5 years ago

Don’t forget… Shanghai just recently released an online platform where foreigners can get their residence registration document from the police online!!! They rolled this out just in time for the China International Import Expo starting next week as they anticipate a lot of foreign visitors flocking to Shanghai. Click here to read more about it… 

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