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Dora Krisztina Sovary asked 4 years ago

Me and my husband would like to go home for Christmas and come back. Both of us have an M type business visa (valid for 180 days, 1 entry). How can we get here a re entry visa? 
Thank you in advance

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smooth-administrator Staff answered 4 years ago

TL;DR: Apply for a new business visa at the Chinese consulate/embassy of your home country.
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a re-entry visa. 
In your case, if you were to exit China, the only option would be to apply for a new business visa(M) at the local Chinese consulate/embassy in your home country. 
If I were you, I’d call them first and ask if they are issuing business visas and you and your husband’s business context. Since you guys got your business visas during the covid19 pandemic(a time when the Chinese gov’t was rarely issuing business visas), it means you guys are in a line of work that the Chinese government values and probably make an exception again if you apply for a new one. 
But there’s not much you can do before you leave China to prepare for a re-entry visa. 
The only other thing I can think of is getting a job (converting your business visa to a work permit) but it seems you won’t have enough time to go through the entire work permit application process before Christmas. 
Good luck and happy holidays!

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